Truly Cementless and Screwless

  • No occlusal screw access hole
    • Predictable occlusion
  • Eliminates screw and cement-related complications
  • Provides retrieval and re-insertion

How it works

1. Insert RODO abutment

(Compatible with major implant systems)

2. Try-in crown

Check contact, occlusion, color, emergence profile, contour

3. Add Smileloc sleeve

Smileloc flaps in “locked” positions on the abutment

4. Seat the crown

Crown is now locked onto the abutment.  There is no cement cleanup, and no screw access holes to fill.

Retrieving a crown with the Smileloc Remover

1. Choose RODO energy setting

2. Operate for 15 seconds

Heat energy activates Smileloc’s nitinol to disengage flaps, releasing the crown.

3. Remove the crown

Compatible Systems

The Smileloc System is compatible with major implant systems and can be used for multiple gingival heights and varying angled abutments.

This product is FDA 510(k) cleared and commercially available in limited markets.

Indications for Use

Smileloc is intended to be used in conjunction with compatible implants as an aid to prosthetic rehabilitation. Abutments are used for single crown and multi unit restorations and intended to be placed onto dental implants to provide proper support.


Allergies or hypersensitivity to chemical ingredients of materials used: Nickel (Ni), Nickel Titanium alloy (Nitinol), Titanium (Ti), Titanium alloy (Ti 6Al/4VELI), Acetal Copolymer, Silicone.