Robust Retention AND Easy Removal

  • Robust retention of a fixed prosthesis
  • Removal with light pressure
  • Durable titanium alloy clips
  • Esthetics of removable prosthesis
  • Facilitates oral hygiene and overall systemic health

How it works

1. Insert prosthesis

Submerge in cool water for 15 seconds. The Smileclip nitinol relaxes with the decrease in temperature, making it ready for insertion.

2. Wear the prosthesis

Heating to body temperature causes the Smileclip nitinol to tighten, for very secure retention.

3. Remove prosthesis

Rinse mouth with cool water for 15 seconds, relaxing the nitinol for removal.

FDA Registered

Smileclip is registered with the FDA and is commercially available. Contact RODOMedical for more information on ordering and training. Contact Us for more information.

Indications for Use

Most edentulous patients with a minimum of two compatible implants can use Smileclip as a preformed anchor to stabilize a removable dental appliance, such as dentures.


Allergies or hypersensitivity to chemical ingredients of materials used: Nickel (Ni), Nickel Titanium alloy (Nitinol), Titanium (Ti), Titanium alloy (Ti 6Al/4VELI), Acetal Copolymer, Silicone.