• Screwless
  • Cementless
  • Retrievable retention of implant fixed restorations.

This elegant system erases concerns over residual cement, enables predictable control over occlusion, and eliminates occlusal screw access holes. When retrievability is desired, the prosthesis can simply be removed by unlocking the Smileloc.  Fully compatible with major implant systems.


This product is FDA 510(k) cleared and commercially available in limited markets

End the compromise between retention and ease of removal.

Smileclip’s innovative design provides strong retention to implant bar-supported removable prostheses while also allowing patients to remove the prosthesis.  By combining the stability and retention of fixed prosthesis, and the ease of cleaning and esthetics of removable prosthesis, Smileclip blurs the boundary between fixed and removable prosthesis.  Fully compatible with major implant systems.


The Smileclip system is registered with the FDA and commercially available in the US.

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